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I am a C#.NET developer now i am assigned to develop add ins for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but i have no idea on it. I also google to get steps for creating sample hello world add ins for dynamics CRM and import that add ins into CRM, but i did not found and suitable links. so, please help me to share some links to created add ins for Microsoft dynamics CRM. I assigned for create the below mentioned add ins.

  • Social Media connector (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.)
  • Google map with marker indicate the service person availability
  • Record clone for entity level

    Please share some idea.


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Social media connector rather than writing it yourself look at "Parrot" http://www.webfortis.com/webfortis-social-media-solutions.aspx

Even if you do end up writing it yourself this should give you a good understanding of how CRM and social media can work.

Unless you have to use Google Maps I would hold off until the release of "Orion" or CRM 2013 as this has Bing Maps functionality provided out of the box.

As for "Record clone for entity level" I would suggest that you look at "Plugins" for CRM as this will give you an understand of how to do different tasks with C# and Dynamics CRM.

Add ins (UI changes) are done using "Customizations" you create your own Solution with different Entities in it. A video like the following will show you the basics of Entity creation


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Start by downloading and reviewing the sample code in the SDK

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SDK have sample for plugins only, not have Add ins ( UI design) –  sivaprakash Aug 29 '13 at 6:02

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