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I have a column that has data type varchar(max). Some rows in that column have long text data. When I copy the SQL result set from that column and paste to excel, the row gets split into multiple rows. I want to past in sunch a way that single cell data from SQL server go to single cell in excel. I am not sure how to fix that problem. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you

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Are you copy/pasting from SQL Server Management Studio? –  Seth Moore Aug 28 '13 at 17:56

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Use Excel Import from SQL Server feature. It should import each row of data into a single row in Excel and each column into a single column.

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You can try to select data directly into excel spreadsheet.

Check this for more details http://blog.waynesheffield.com/wayne/code-library/ad-hoc-querying/#codesyntax_5

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