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I'm trying to debug my ADFS installation. I ran into this blogpost: http://www.dagint.com/2011/10/how-to-test-if-adfs-is-functioning/ and I've discovered that I can successfully authenticate on the machine where ADFS is installed (i.e. if I open up https:///adfs/ls/IdpInitiatedSignon.aspx on the local machine, everything works fine. However, if I open the same URL from another machine, I'm prompted with the familiar authentication windows supplied by the browser, but even though I type in the correct user name and password, I get prompted with the same window again and again.

Althought this may be strictly non-programming related, one might say that this IS related to the authentication of Web API's, which is what I want to achieve eventually.

Any idea whatsoever what could be the cause of this?

Regards, Daniel

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This rings a bell!

IdpInitiatedSignon.aspx Page Will not Authenticate.

Could it be the DNS problem mentioned there?

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Sounds quite likely. Will investigate further. –  dabs Aug 29 '13 at 11:10

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