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In July 2013 Facebook removed the comment count from posts in the graph API. Is there an alternative, currently working way to retrieve the number of comments for a specific post, without having to download all of them? Thanks.

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Well i don't know your scenario, so can't help you with exact solution. but one way to get comments count is getting it from the stream table using FQL.

there is a structure of comment_info which gives the comment count for any specific post.

see the query below for example:

Select type, post_id, description, likes,comment_info from stream WHERE source_id = "*post_id*"

put the post id in the clause.

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You can also do this with the Graph API, by appending /comments?summary=true to the request.


The return object has a summary field all the way at the end (scroll to the bottom to see it in the Graph API explorer). Within the summary there's a total_count field.

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