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After properly implementing Google Play Services in my first game now it is time for the second.

I'm stuck on message "There is no linked app associated with this client ID” .....

I have properly configured things for debug and release. When i run app from Eclipse it works ( debug key is used and i can sign in ).

When i create a signed apk and install it on device i get "There is no linked app associated with this client ID”.

In Google API I have 2 client IDs ( debug and release , also tried to remove one of them - no luck ) I Have tried adding / removing testing accounts ;/ I have created beta test, pushed game to Google Play and marked as beta. Then installed it from the store as "beta tester" I checked also SHA1 values and are set properly. META-INF/CERT.rsa show the same SHA as release in Google API

This is an update not a new apk, game service are published because they are working fine in debug mode.

It's a paid app. After this I have tried to create second linked app with the same package name. It is not working still and now i cannot delete that second linked app :/

It's a mess I know but what else this can be ? I cannot sign in....

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EDIT: I resolved following the Google Note. LOL

Note: If you are debugging your game using your debug certificate but have configured game services using your release certificate, you should add a second linked app using the same package name and your debug certificate's SHA1 fingerprint. This will allow you to sign in to the application whether it's signed with the debug or release certificates.

Google Services Developers Link

"a second linked app" is the key point, not two game, but two linked app in the same game

So, the right method is to link two time the same app in the Google Play Developer Console:

  • First app with bundle com.name.appname and release fingerprint

  • And a second app, with the same bundle and another name (es. AppName Test User1) and with debug fingerprint

In this way, in the Api Developer Console, it creates two OAuth2 client ID for the same project and both work well.

NOTE: If you have done many tests, remember to delete all app in the play games section of Google Play Developer Console, and all projects in the Api Developer Console.

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Same problem here! –  DKIT Jun 25 '14 at 12:38
Added a new edit, that helped me –  DonMizzi Jun 27 '14 at 22:40
If I try adding a linked app with debug fingerprint it says " This client ID is globally unique and is already in use. " –  cesards Dec 4 '14 at 17:03

Two services (games) must be created:

  1. For debug certificate's SHA1 fingerprint.
  2. For release certificate's SHA1 fingerprint.

If the game is published, you can not create a second linked application with the other SHA.

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