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I am really new in all the IntelliJ plugins development and I really need to know how can I create a new module type from a IntelliJ plugin. I have found some similars answers but there dont explain me what I need to do, there is some tutorial about this? I appreciate all the help...

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Firstly, make sure you have the latest intelliJ build (12.1.X). Either community or ultimate edition should be ok.

Then, here is some info to get started.

Plugin Development Confluence

Plugin Development Guidelines

Maybe if you try to get it up and running and come back with specific questions we can be of more help.

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Thanks for anwser me, those links that you give are really helpful. In order to be more specific I need to create a custom project & module and I can't find information about, can you help me? – lisdey89 Oct 29 '13 at 17:43
Please look at this:… – Adeel Ilyas Apr 13 at 10:36

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