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What is the procedure to get IPython to use IronPython as it's Python interpreter?

I know there were previously some issues: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1160501/what-is-required-to-use-ipython-in-ironpython

But now that these issues should be fixed, how do i actually go about this?

The install doesn't detect IronPython as a version of the Python interpreter, not that I thought it would. But I'm wondering how to do this.

I'd (ideally) like the ability to run both the CPython and IronPython versions of IPython on the same machine.

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The IPython script that installs on my system in /usr/bin/ipython is only two lines of code to invoke the interpreter:

from IPython import start_ipython

So run that under IronPython and see how it works.

But as of February 2011, it looks like there were still problems: http://groups.google.com/group/ironpy/browse_thread/thread/b90273c618e38763?pli=1

EDIT: It works now, see their instructions.

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It should now be import IPython; Python.embed() –  Morten Oct 27 at 12:31
Just updated it to the latest code I see on my system ("start_ipython()"). –  Mu Mind Oct 27 at 17:03

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