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does anybody know how to create an abstract method in staruml 5.0? The UML standard says that such a method should be italic, but it seems that is not possible in staruml 5.0 for a single method? please help me :D

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As depicted in the attached, you just have to select your method on the "model explorer" and then set it as "IsAbstract" on the properties tab. I just would to know why you use this modeler which have not been release since 2005? Regards, EBR

abstract method

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Ah, thank you very much. I used this modeler because I looked for many modeler and the most of them seems to be ....^^ StarUML isn't the best tool for that stuff I think, but it's not so complicated like other programs I had tested. Rather, I want to use Visual Paradigm Community Edition, but I do not really know if this edition (because of the license) is allowed to use for education purposes (like an exam). –  user2726861 Aug 29 '13 at 10:45
I personally do not like dead software because if you get stuck it is generally permanent, I like living software :-)). stackoverflow.com/questions/2757282/… My personal modeler choice is Modelio (modelio.org) ... –  Red Beard Aug 29 '13 at 14:11
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