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So I'm having a crossbrowser javascript issue.

I've got a <select> dom element that has some descendent <option> element with selected=true.

In Firefox, I can just do select_elt.value to get the value of the selected option, but this seems not to work in IE6 (which I need to support).

I tried to iterate through the select_elt.getElementsByTagName('option') to find the selected <option>, which I could do, but option_elt.value still doesn't give me the value of that option.

So what is the appropriate way to get the value of an option or select element in IE6?

(yes, I know I should switch to jQuery or some other crosssplatform library, and I may yet, but now I'm curious about how this is done at all in IE6)

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could you post the whole code you use to get the value? IE6 should support the option.value property. Also, instead of interating through the options, have you tried using the selectedIndex property? as in select.options[select.selectedIndex] ? Also, it isn't a multi-select, right? –  Zenon Dec 4 '09 at 21:59

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This is the most cross-browser compatible way (in my experience) to do that:

var mySelect = document.getElementById('mySelect');
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Found it in jquery:

(option_elt.attributes.value || {}).specified ? option_elt.value : option_elt.text
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Try this:

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