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I am taking baby steps with AngularJS. I am a bit confused about requiring a webserver to run an AngularJS sample or demo. The reason is for study purpose I have downloaded running examples and demos, but not having any luck with it. A very simple demo of displaying a name is not working for me. Do I have to do anything specific to get a simple app running. I feel very weird asking my doubt requing a webserver as AngularJS is a client side Framework. Nevertheless, hoping someone can throw some light on this. Thanks in adavnce.

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If you use Firefox, then you don't need any server to have your basic app running. If you use Chrome, then for security reasons it doesn't like file-access to librairies. Librairies must be serve in another way. So you can have the hello-world AngularJS working by opening the classic index.html with Firefox, so that you don't have to start any web server.

Here is a sample application with explanations in the README :


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Actually, you don't need a webserver to run AngularJS application since it is client-side framework.

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Did you even read the entire question? –  Mike Robinson Aug 28 '13 at 21:27
Of course, I've read it. Simple question, Mr. Nice Gyu, how you think did he google "same origin policy" after your answer? Because, I think - no. And you know what? In few days, we will see another question from user100500 like this "I did request to another site and ...wait for it, it is gonna be legendary... it didn't work, what should I do?" –  dantix Aug 28 '13 at 21:55

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