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How can I set the DefaultImagePath on MvxImageViewLoader?

How can I get the LocalResourcePath for an UImage?

 var imageViewLoader = new MvxImageViewLoader(() => imageView);
 imageViewLoader.DefaultImagePath = UIImage.FromBundle("images/Default.png");
 imageViewLoader.ErrorImagePath = UIImage.FromBundle("images/Error.png");
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Using resource image paths with is discussed in Using MvxImageViewLoader to load a resource image, is it possible? using the res: prefix

 imageViewLoader.DefaultImagePath = ("res:images/Default.png");

There has also been a recent question saying ErrorImagePath was not working correctly in some http error cases - Adding user agent header to image download request - but no reproduction/issue has been made on this yet.

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Could not get the above to work, the below though worked right away:

imageViewLoader.DefaultImagePath = NSBundle.MainBundle.PathForResource("Cover", "png");
imageViewLoader.ErrorImagePath = NSBundle.MainBundle.PathForResource("Cover", "png");
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