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Trying to see if there is any javascript library functionality that can merge the values for a specific key of two json objects

var x ={ "student-marks":{'math':1,'physics':5} };
var y ={ "student-marks":{'chemistry':3,'history':2} };

using $.extend and $.merge giving below results

$.extend({},x,y)  leads to  { "student-marks":{'chemistry':3,'history':2} }

$.merge(x,y) leads to { "student-marks":{'math':1,'physics':2} }

what I am looking for is { "student-marks":{'math':1,'physics':5, 'chemistry':3,'history':2} }

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Just perform it manually using loops. Not everything in our everyday job can be solved in one built-in function call –  zerkms Aug 28 '13 at 21:50
@zerkms, this one can be, though :S –  naomik Aug 28 '13 at 21:56
@naomik: my point was: this task can be solved manually by merging items one by one in a for loop. But OP doesn't know how to do that. Basically he doesn't know trivial things and treats programming as a kind of magic with a ready to use recipe for every single problem. Which is often not the case. I agree a lot of things can be done using libraries' function, but at first place you need to know what and how happens under the hood. –  zerkms Aug 28 '13 at 22:37
That's quite a number of assumptions you've made there. –  naomik Aug 28 '13 at 23:51
@Venkat a quick note- you should be using double quotes in your JSON, not single quotes. It's part of the JSON spec that double quotes are to be used to be considered "valid". –  dudewad Apr 7 at 19:35

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You want a deep extend

$.extend(true, {}, x, y);

See the docs for jQuery.extend([deep], target, object1[, objectN])

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What would the similar solution be with lodash or underscore? I have nearly identical problem, but an not using jQuery and would prefer lodash implementation of _.merge perhaps? Here is my Q: stackoverflow.com/questions/23186187/… –  DeBraid Apr 20 '14 at 18:36

The simple javascript function without depending jQuery will help you to merge two JSON object which has nested objects.

function mergeJSON(source1,source2){
     * Properties from the Souce1 object will be copied to Source2 Object.
     * Note: This method will return a new merged object, Source1 and Source2 original values will not be replaced.
     * */
    var mergedJSON = Object.create(source2);// Copying Source2 to a new Object

    for (var attrname in source1) {
        if(mergedJSON.hasOwnProperty(attrname)) {
          if ( source1[attrname]!=null && source1[attrname].constructor==Object ) {
               * Recursive call if the property is an object,
               * Iterate the object and set all properties of the inner object.
              mergedJSON[attrname] = mergeJSON(source1[attrname], mergedJSON[attrname]);

        } else {//else copy the property from source1
            mergedJSON[attrname] = source1[attrname];


      return mergedJSON;
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