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Hey Community, I have a problem which I cant seem to solve. Basically I use an Global List and want to access certain indexes in a while loop Here is my setup:

PossibleJumps = [

and the function that gets called to perform the action:

def buildPJsphere(level, box):
I = 1
while len(PossibleJumps) * 4 > I:
    CurrentJumps = PossibleJumps[I-1]
    CurrentJumpRL = CurrentJumps[0]
    CurrentJumpHD = CurrentJumps[1]
    CurrentJumpFB = CurrentJumps[2]


    I += 1

If I run the code I get the Message "IndexError: list index out of range" in Line 4 of the second code.

CurrentJumps = PossibleJumps[I-1]

I appreciate all of your help - Thanks in advance, Marco

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Did you try changing I to equal zero to start with. Therefore you could write: I = 0 and then in the while loop CurrentJumps = PossibleJumps[I] –  Thalatta Aug 28 '13 at 22:18

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Your while condition is failing. You're basically saying continue while i is less than four times the length of PossibleJumps. Which, by definition, is bigger than the size of PossibleJumps. Thus when I get's too big, it goes beyond the bounds of the array.

By the way you are using PossibleJumps, you only need to worry about the outer size, i.e. change your while condition to

while I < len( PossibleJumps ):
    CurrentJumps = PossibleJumps[I-1]

That should fix your problem, and still give you access to all the sub lists.

A a side note, using print is useful for tracking down bugs. In this, since it's not working right, you could have tried

print I
print PossibleJumps[ I ]

right above the line that failed. Then you can see that the index was getting too big, and the print PossibleJumps[ I ] line would have failed, showing you that you can't use that big of a value to reference the array.

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Ok now I found the problem it was just my brain messing it up :D because initially I wanted to cycle it through 4 times but that's obviously the wrong way. –  Marco Dittrich Aug 28 '13 at 22:29
To loop it four identical times, simply wrap what you need in an outer for loop. –  CDspace Aug 28 '13 at 22:33
Can you accept as answer, to get it out of the 'unanswered' lists? –  CDspace Aug 28 '13 at 22:35

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