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I'm trying to use matplotlib for chart visualizations, but it is very annoying to look for a window each time I run the project. Is there any way to force it to be on top of other windows? I use OSX 10.8 and PyCharm IDE and already tried

from pylab import get_current_fig_manager()

Which fails with

AttributeError: 'FigureManagerMac' object has no attribute 'window'

I'd appreciate any other ideas.

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You are trying this after using show()? –  Mark Oct 9 '13 at 8:35

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This works for me from IPython:

from pylab import get_current_fig_manager
fm = get_current_fig_manager()

I haven't found a case in which show() doesn't work by itself, though.

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you're call to window.raise_() is from PyQT. Indeed, you can raise the window in this way but you need to:

  • set PyQT4 as your backend before you do any other business with matplotlib


import matplotlib
  • Either you fix you import statement (remove the brackets) or save yourself the import and access the window through the figure


window = fig.canvas.manager.window
  • Only then you can call window.raise_() and the window will be in front of pycharm.
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