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I have a query in Doctrine's DQL that needs to be able to use MySQL's "FORCE INDEX" functionality in order to massively reduce the query time. Below is what the query basically looks like in plain SQL:

SELECT id FROM items FORCE INDEX (best_selling_idx)
WHERE price = ... (etc)
LIMIT 200;

I assume I have to extend some Doctrine component to be able to do this with DQL (or is there a way to inject arbitrary SQL into one of Doctrin's queries?). Anyone have any ideas?


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I just ran into this same issue in Doctrine 2. Rather than writing a custom DQL function or rewriting as a native query... and changed the andWhere()s that were forcing MySQL to use the wrong index to andHaving()s. Just wanted to share that quick and dirty fix should anyone else using Doctrine 2 come across this post. – Adam V. Jan 25 '12 at 21:18

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I've found very few helpful Doctrine_RawSql examples online, so here's what I ended up doing to create my query.

$q = new Doctrine_RawSql();
$q->select('{}, {b.description}, {c.description}')
  ->from('table1 b FORCE INDEX(best_selling_idx) INNER JOIN table2 c ON b.c_id =')
  ->addComponent('b', 'Table1 b')
  ->addComponent('c', 'b.Table2 c');
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See the Native SQL part of the Doctrine documentation. You should be able to use RawSql to accomplish this.

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If you don't like native SQL, you can use the following patch.

This patch suggests to create only one custom Walker and set it up as follows

$query->setHint(Query::HINT_CUSTOM_OUTPUT_WALKER, 'UseIndexWalker');
$query->setHint(UseIndexWalker::HINT_USE_INDEX, 'some_index_name');
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