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I want to test my template in play framework 2.1.*

routes code :

# Home page
GET     /                           controllers.Application.index()
POST    /signup                     controllers.Application.signup()

and controller is:

public class Application extends Controller {

    final static Form<User> usr=form(User.class); 

    public static Result index() {
        return ok(index.render(usr));

and view part is:


@(signupform: Form[User])

@import helper._ 
@import helper.twitterBootstrap._
@main("welcome to EXTR ") {

<div class="container-narrow">
            <legend>Sign up or <a href="@routes.signin.page" >Sign in</a></legend>


                    '_label->"Enter Username",
                    '_help  ->  "Please Enter a valid username.",
                    '_error -> signupform.globalError)

                    '_label->"Enter name",
                    '_error -> signupform.globalError)

                    '_label->"Enter Password",
                    '_help  ->  "Please Enter a valid Password.",
                    '_error -> signupform.globalError)

                    '_label->"Enter Password again",
                    '_error -> signupform.globalError)

                    '_label->"Enter email",
                    '_help  ->  "Please Enter a valid Email",
                    '_error -> signupform.globalError)

      <input class="btn  btn-large " type="submit" value="signup" />


Now i want to test index.scala.html how to write test code for this?

i tried it but not getting

    public void renderTemplate() {
        Content html = views.html.index.render(form(User.class));



but when i run not getting any reply for this it is continue running?

so give me some idea to write code for this ?

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I assume that you are looking for some acceptance tests,

so this is an example of my scala-play project. You can have an idea from it.

  "A Track view" should "render basic data" in running(TestServer(3333)) {

    await(WS.url("http://localhost:3333/track/62584001").get).status must equal (OK)

        await(WS.url("http://localhost:3333/track/62584001").get).body must include ("62584001")
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