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I'm trying to call a function and pass an infinite amount of parameters from an array. This is for use in an HMVC framework to call the controller and pass X amount of parameters so I also welcome any better approaches to this as well.

I'm calling my function like this where $params is an array of a potentially infinite amount of values:


Then the params would be fully configurable by the programmer in the controller. This would be my example for the edit action:

public static function edit($id = false, $group = 'default', etc.){
   // Something
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call_user_func_array –  deceze Aug 29 '13 at 5:37
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function edit ($args) {
   foreach ($args as $arg) {
      echo "Arg = ".$arg;

$params = array($id, $group, etc...);
call_user_func_array("edit", array($params));
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