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I am looking for a way to add banks link on checkout page of my ecommerce website.

in the classic style provided by payment gateway providers, they provide a default template.

paytm and freecharge

I found they added links to bank on the checkout page, that redirect user to payment gateway.

Can some one please tell or hint in right direction, how it is implemented it this way


Thanks in advance

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You need to register with a recognised credit agency providing a gateway service through a bank. You then need to obtain details from the gateway company for passing details to their site for processing. Most of these provide ready made sets of scripts which you can add to your own site and use for testing, then activate once you know they are working properly. You would need to configure your own database and the one they provide to carry your existing data into theirs. Do NOT make any attempt to take card details on your own site, always use their site to do that. Otherwise you can be in serious breach of conditions for all card providers as they do not approve passing such details from site to site, nor do they approve your storing anything but the last set of digits from the card. And if you do collect this information, you become liable for any losses if someone manages to intercept their data while at your site. Collect customer data and product selections and pass this straight to their servers for action. you then modify their success and failure pages to put customers back into your site with appropriate messages.

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