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I have a problem that has stumped me for the last day.

I have a GetUserName Api which extracts the name of the current user, it works perfectly.

I also have an unbound OLE Object that is being controlled on form load by this.

With Me.OLE1  
.Class = "Excel.Sheet"    
.OLETypeAllowed = acOLELinked    
.SourceDoc = "C:\Users\" & GetUserName & "\Desktop\Database\Excel Files\Bulk Updating.xlsm"    
.SourceItem = "R1C1:R5C5"    
.Action = acOLECreateLink    
.SizeMode = acOLESizeClip    
End With    

When I run the code I get Runtime Error 2101 on Line 4.

When I set Line 4 to Jblogs instead of my get user function it works fine.

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Try saving the result of GetUserName to a string variable first, as in

Dim strUser As String
strUser = GetUserName

and then try using that variable in your string concatenation. If necessary check Len(strUser) to see if it has any "funny" trailing characters like blanks, nulls, or similar.

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