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I have JSP page with af:table where latitude and longitude for google maps are stored. I am using this tutorial and I know how to access latitude and longitude from output text (for one point). Now i need to do something similar with loop for all table rows. How can I achieve this?

I have JavaScript code which uses Google Maps API and can display many points on one map. Also I have longitude and latitude data in af:table (bindings), each table row has one point. My task is to take data from af:table and pass it to JavaScript. May be it is better to use managed bean as you said. Firstly I will access binding data from managed bean. Then I have to pass this data to JavaScript method? Can you suggest some example? I have "Using JavaScript in ADF Faces Rich Client Applications"

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This is the same question, as the one you asked before... Check my answer in the other Question I want af:table values get in javascript array

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