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Is there a way to put a date range condition referencing the current time in a JPA query (that is compatible across databases)?

I can do

SELECT m FROM Mail m WHERE m.sentAt < :date

but I want to do it without having to bind a parameter (so that this can be configured as part of the named query repository and the date calculation logic does not have to enter the calling code).

So instead of :date I need "currentTime minus 3 minutes" as a hard-code literal.

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This related question seems to suggest that JPA itself does not do date arithmetics, but specific implementations might. I'd be okay with a Hibernate version.… – Thilo Aug 29 '13 at 8:09

JPA supports the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP and CURRENT_TIME functions.

The JPA spec does not have date functions, but some JPA providers such as EclipseLink do.

JPA 2.1 also defines the FUNCTION operator to call database functions.

In EclipseLink I would try,

SELECT m FROM Mail m WHERE m.sentAt < SQL("(sysdate - interval '3' minute)")


SELECT m FROM Mail m WHERE m.sentAt < SQL("(? - interval '3' minute)", CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)
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If you are using Hibernate JPA implementation and an Oracle dialect, then you can use SYSDATE function which returns current date and time. If you add 1 to SYSDATE it will add one day.

Adding fractions is also supported:

  • sysdate + 1/24 will add an hour
  • sysdate + 1/(24*60) will add a minute
  • sysdate + 1/(24*60*60) will add a second

So instead of :date I need "currentTime minus 3 minutes" as a hard-code literal.

sysdate - 3/(24*60) will subtract 3 minutes from current date and time:

SELECT m FROM Mail m WHERE m.sentAt < sysdate - 3/(24*60)

Records older than 3 minutes will be returned and no parameter binding is needed.

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Will it work only for ORACLE dialect or MYSql also? – Sumit Desai Dec 4 '14 at 7:42

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