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I'm using the 1-3-stable version of spree_social to (try to) add a custom authentication method provided by another application of mine (I already tested it with a dummy client following omniauth conventions and it's working). Unfortunately I can't find any guideline about how I could do it.

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Well, apparently it's just a matter of forking the gem, clone it, and trying to replicate what has been done for other providers. In particular:

  • create a gem for your provider or at least a file in spree_social/lib, defining the endpoints of your application (authorize and access token urls).

  • add such a file/gem in your lib/spree_social.rb file

  • add your icons in app/assets/images/store

  • if needed, provide your custom callback in app/controllers/spree/omniauth_callbacks_controller.rb

  • cross your finger.

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