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My senior created a project on gitLab and gave me read only access and asked me clone it and make changes and submit back to his project in gitLab for his review before merging.

I cloned that repo from gitLab. I created new project with my account on gitLab (of course i have write access on my project) from the earlier cloned repo. I made changes. Now i want to submit repo in my project of my account for review to My senior's project of his account in gitLab

How do i achieve it?

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gitlab has the feature of submitting a merge request (see here: gitlab.org/screenshots). This is what you're looking for. –  eckes Aug 29 '13 at 10:16

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If you are working with the same GitLab repo as your senior, in which you have only the right to create a branch, then you would do a merge request.

But if you are working with a clone of that repo on GitLab side (ie a fork), and you clone locally that fork, meaning you have full access to that GitLab repo, then:

  • you push your commit back to your GitLab repo
  • you make a pull request (available since 5.2) between your GitLab repo and the Senior's GitLab repo.
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