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how can I get the generated key of an insert with MyBatis? I read many pages about this question but I'm still blocked, could anyone help me, please? This is my code:

The table:

ID_ERROR long primary key
DATE timestamp
TYPE varchar
MESSAGE varchar
SOURCE varchar

The dao:

Long returnedId = 0L;
MyMapper myMapper = this.sqlSession.getMapper(MyMapper.class);
myMapper.insertRecord(returnedId, Utils.now(), t.getClass().getName(), t.getMessage(), c.getName());
return returnedId;

The mapper.java:

public void insertRecord(@Param("returnedId") Long returnedId, @Param("timestamp")Timestamp timestamp,@Param("type") String type,@Param("message") String message,@Param("source") String source);

The mapper.xml

 <insert id="insertRecord" parameterType="map" useGeneratedKeys="true"  keyProperty="ID_ERROR">
    INSERT INTO errors (
    VALUES (
    <selectKey resultType="long" order="AFTER" keyProperty="returnedId">
        SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() as returnedId

What is wrong? How can I get the generated key of this insert? Thanks!

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If you want to get the generated primary key, you should pass the arguments by Map or POJO Object

public void insertRecord(Map<String, Object> map);

When call the mapping method, put values to map.

Map<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>();
map.put("returnedId", 0);
map.put("message", message);
// other paramters
return map.get("returnedId");
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For me it is working like this (mybatis 3.x) .. The id must be set auto increment in mysql table

<insert id="createEmpty" parameterType="Project" useGeneratedKeys="true" keyProperty="project.projectId" keyColumn="PROJECT_ID">

note keyProperty="project.projectId"

my interface is:

public int createEmpty(@Param("project") Project project, @Param("title") String title,
    @Param("description") String description);

finally to get the value (that will be automatically assigned to the pojo's id property) i use:

projectRepository.createEmpty(p,"one", "two");
    System.err.print(p.getProjectId() + "\n");
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Please follow below steps:

1.Create Error POJO with id as attibute

2.replace retutnId to error as below

public void insertRecord(@Param("error") Error error, @Param("timestamp")Timestamp timestamp,@Param("type") String type,@Param("message") String message,@Param("source") String source);

3.Change keyProperty="ID_ERROR" to keyProperty="error.id"

4.Remove SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() as returnedId

you will get inserted id in error.id

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You can achieve this by two ways,

  1. By using useGeneratedKeys="true", KeyProperty="id", KeyColumn="id"

    KeyProperty refers to the POJO variable name and KeyColumn refers to generated column name in database

  2. By using inside insert tag

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