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So it seems that the g-wan supports PHP as I could check on the site, but the docs are very light. I could test a single .php file, but running magento doesn't work.

Also from what I read, the way to tries to match routes to files, would be a problem for something built on Zend with many rewrites, wouldnt it?

Is there a way to get it working or is it still work in progress?

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You are missing an important point here.

It's like asking why Apache Tomcat can't run ORACLE GlassFish applications out-of-the box, or why Nginx configuration files won't work for Apache.

As a ZEND frameworks application, the Magento packages expects its host server to support specific configuration files, specific framework features, a specific directory for PHP source code files, etc.

While G-WAN supports the PHP language, it is not a ZEND frameworks clone.

For example, G-WAN does not use configuration files at all, unlike ZEND frameworks applications.

And G-WAN being able to run 15 scripted languages, it is simply impossible (and pointless) to emulate all the specificities of all the language frameworks (that's hundreds of different proprietary sets of thousands of features and configuration specificities).

G-WAN's goal was not to clone any Web framework.

G-WAN was developed to make our life at TWD easier (more productive) and to extract more from the hardware resources (especially the parallelism of multicore systems).

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