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After working for months with a breeze WebAPI controller, I'm now about to start a new project with a standard WebAPI controller (I'm not that excited about it and I've got a bad feeling not being able to fully rely on breeze...)

Anyway, I'm trying to configure breeze on the client side and I'm running into an exception:

´Cannot get property « jsonResultsAdapter » of an undefined or null reference´

Here's how I've configured breezejs.

  • I've added datajs.js to my project (and to the html page of course)
  • breeze service configuration

    var service = new breeze.DataService({
       serviceName: ('http://localhost:52446/api'),        
       adapterName: 'OData'
    var manager = new breeze.EntityManager({ dataService: service });
    //skip irrelevant code
    function search() {
      var query = breeze.EntityQuery.from("Mandate");
      return manager.executeQuery(query.using(service)).then(function (result) {
      }).fail(function (error) {

When I debug breezejs:

  proto.using = function (obj) {
    if (!obj) return this;
    var eq = this._clone();
    processUsing(eq, {
        entityManager: null,
        dataService: null,
        queryOptions: null,
        fetchStrategy: function (eq, val) { eq.queryOptions = (eq.queryOptions || new QueryOptions()).using(val) },
        mergeStrategy: function (eq, val) { eq.queryOptions = (eq.queryOptions || new QueryOptions()).using(val) },
        jsonResultsAdapter: function (eq, val) { eq.dataService = (eq.dataService || new DataService()).using({ jsonResultsAdapter: val }) }
    }, obj);
    return eq;

jsonResultAdapter is null and not set.

Why is that ?

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can I see a fiddle or plnkr of this? I'm trying to do the same thing –  Maslow Jan 29 '14 at 15:20

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Nevermind, I got it to work by adding the following line before the creation of the EntityManager:

breeze.config.initializeAdapterInstances({ dataService: "OData" });

Breeze Team, can you just explain why I need to do that, since I've already set adpaterName: "OData" in the DataService..... ?

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