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I have a problem to access to a website I am working for. When I type in their website domain the web browser shows "This webpage is not available". I also try to ping domain name from command prompt and same problem.

However when I type in website IP address, it works without any problems, I also successfully ping it.

I also noticed that when I use proxy with different IP address then my default one I can access website on both, domain and IP. I tried so many things and none of them works so I am without options.

Any suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!

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Have you checked your internett adress provider that the adress www.somehost.com is directed properly to that ip adress using dns redirecting?

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no I havent checked that. I did called them and they gave me instructions to set a different DNS on my computer, but that didnt worked. – Boris Aug 29 '13 at 10:43

May be the DNS cache of your proxy is not refreshed. It can take up to 48 hours for the cache to refresh.

Regards, Lanex

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