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I am trying to pass a hash reference and array reference to subroutine but getting error like invalid class string:

sub test{
           if($chk == 2)

my ($has, $arr)= test();

Now again i have to pass by reference to "$has, $arr" to a another subroutine.

How to do this? i was passing them like \%$has, \@$arr but it seems this is not the currect way to pass to a subroutine.

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You are "getting an error like invalid class string"? That's smacks of a Windows CLSID registration error, not a perlish error. Can we please see the code that demonstrates the problem, rather than your narrative description of what you think you need to do to solve it? –  pilcrow Aug 29 '13 at 15:22

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Just do:

anotherSub($has, $arr);

$has and $arr are already references.

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my %Hash=('1'=>'one');

my @Arr=('1','2');


sub fun(){

my $Hash_Ref=shift;

my $Arr_Ref=shift;
enter code here

} sub fun2(){

my $Hash_Ref=shift;

my $Arr_Ref=shift; 


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