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I'm trying to test a directive with a constant (ie, SEARCH_URL) that is injected in:

.directive('autocomplete', [
  function (
  ) {
  // ...

with this test:

describe('autocomplete directive', function () {
  "use strict";

  var element, scope;


  beforeEach(function() {
    inject(function($compile, $rootScope) {
      var linkingFn = $compile("<div ng-model='search' autocomplete></div>");
      scope = $rootScope;
      element = linkingFn(scope);

  it('selection resets autocomplete matches', function() {
    scope.select({ Title: "Something" });

However, I'm not sure where to inject the constant in the test. I get this error when I run the test

PhantomJS 1.9 (Mac) autocomplete directive selection resets autocomplete matches FAILED
    Error: Unknown provider: SEARCH_URLProvider <- SEARCH_URL <- autocompleteDirective
        at /Users/ttt/Work/Dev/az/az-search-html/app/public/vendor/angular-unstable/angular.min.js:29

In another test for a controller, I am able to inject extra parameters with something like

$controller('ArticleCtrl', params);

How do I do that for directives?

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You can use angular.mocks to stub the constant like this:

  beforeEach(function() {
    module(function($provide) {
      $provide.constant('SEARCH_URL', 'my seach url');
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