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I need to use javascript in (node.js server) for encode and decode DC2type:array in JSON object.

I want transorm



['stringa', 1, 2.5, {chiave: 'valore', key: 'value', other: [1, 'a', 2.5]}]

I've this functions

var array_dc2type = function(data) {
    var inner = '';
    i = 0;
    data.each(function(elem) {
        inner += 'i:' + i + ';s:' + elem.length + ':"' + elem + '";';
    return 'a:' + data.length + ':{' + inner + '}';

var dc2type_array = function(data) {
    data = data.replace(/(a|s|i):[0-9]+(:|;)/g, '').replace(/\{/g, '[').replace(/[;]?\}/g, ']').replace(/;/g, ',');
    return eval(data);

but they are very limited (they solve only string array case)

Can anybody help me?

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I solve with




DC2Type is only PHP serialization and unserialization

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