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I have used AQGridView.

Run SpringBoard.xcodeproj

Touch and hold any coloured rectangle and drag to a new location.

Tap and release on any other rectangle. (Tap and drag other rectangle works.)

EXC_BAD_ACCESS right here:

- (void) touchesEnded: (NSSet *) touches withEvent: (UIEvent *) event
    [[self class] cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget: self
        selector: @selector(_gridViewDeferredTouchesBegan:) object: nil];

    UIView * hitView = _touchedContentView;

Been hunting this down thinking it was my own code. _touchedContentView is holding on to deallocated memory?

Running XCode 4.3.1 for ARC enabled iOS 5.1 project.

Please suggest what can I do for this problem.

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issue solved..? –  NSQuamber.java Sep 6 '13 at 15:34
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