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I am trying to compile a program written by someone else, using makefiles, and I don't have time to learn everything in the program before I use it - therefore I'm mystified by some of the errors.

The first error is

(...): In function `_ZN30RealTriDiagonalSymmetricMatrix14ResizeAndCleanEii':
undefined reference to `GarbageFlag::Used()'

The offending line in RealTriDiagonalSymmetricMatrix.cc is:

if (this->Flag.Used() == true)

I look up the file GarbageFlag.h and it contains the function Used(); here's part of it:

class GarbageFlag


#ifdef __SMP__
pthread_mutex_t *FlagMutex;


// default constructor

// copy constructor
// flag = garbage flag to copy
GarbageFlag(const GarbageFlag& flag);

// destructor

// return value = reference on current garbage flag
GarbageFlag& operator = (const GarbageFlag& flag);

bool Used ();

Also, the file RealTriDiagonalSymmetricMatrix.cc includes a header, which again includes GarbageFlag.h. So I'm confused as to why it can't find the function.

There are a lot of similar errors after this. Anyone have an idea what's going on?

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Contains, okay... But where is definition of Used? –  ForEveR Aug 29 '13 at 12:39
Either the Used function hasn't been implemented, or you're not linking with the object or library that contains the definition. Find the source file that defines it (GarbageFlag.cc, perhaps), and make sure the makefile includes that when building your program. –  Mike Seymour Aug 29 '13 at 12:39
And you link with the object file/library where the GarbageFlag::Used function is defined? –  Joachim Pileborg Aug 29 '13 at 12:39
@Jorgen it's usually considered bad to alter the question to ask something else. Your first question was answered, so mark Adrian's post as an answer, and search SO to see about your linker problem. If you still can't solve it, post a new question. –  Mooing Duck Aug 29 '13 at 17:48

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This is a linker error, so the compiler didn't have a problem with finding the declaration of GarbageFlag::Used. What is missing is the definition (implementation) of that method.

You need to make sure that the source file which contains the implementation of GarbageFlag::Used is compiled and linked together with the other source files.

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