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I'm writing an utility, which should get current CPU load. At the moment It's working and using \Processor(_Total)\% process time in my localization. For multi-lingual support I'm getting counter name from registry by PdhLookupPerfNameByIndex.

Now code looks like

PdhLookupPerfNameByIndex(NULL, 6, processorTime, &cbPathSize);
PdhLookupPerfNameByIndex(NULL, 238, processor, &cbPathSize);
PDH_COUNTER_PATH_ELEMENTS elements = {NULL, processor, "_Total", NULL, NULL, processorTime};
PdhMakeCounterPath(&elements, fullPath, &cbPathSize, 0);

and I wanna remove hard-coded constants 6 and 238.

Are there some constants which means index for Processor and % process time?

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