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I did search a lot in google and docs but can't find a solution for this problem, maybe can you guys help me with this?

I have a pdf from html export and my table data is split between the pages, look at this image:


This is a html to pdf convert export, I am not building this table in the PDF, look:

String htmlString = getTableHtml(tableData);

// Create a buffer to hold the cleaned up HTML
ByteArrayOutputStream htmlOutputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

// Clean up the HTML to be well formed
HtmlCleaner cleaner = new HtmlCleaner();
CleanerProperties props = cleaner.getProperties();
TagNode node = cleaner.clean(htmlString);
new PrettyXmlSerializer(props).writeToStream(node, htmlOutputStream);

// Create the PDF
ITextRenderer renderer = new ITextRenderer();
renderer.setDocumentFromString(new String(htmlOutputStream.toByteArray()));
ByteArrayOutputStream pdfOutputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

How can I fix this?

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Could you show us some code? –  Alexis Pigeon Aug 29 '13 at 15:13
I put the code in the desctiprion @AlexisPigeon –  Carlos Carneiro Aug 29 '13 at 17:29
Did you fix it?? if yes, can you share the solution? –  Neha Choudhary Nov 18 at 7:04

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it helped me

@media print
  table { page-break-after:auto }
  tr    { page-break-inside:avoid; page-break-after:auto }
  td    { page-break-inside:avoid; page-break-after:auto }
  thead { display:table-header-group }
  tfoot { display:table-footer-group }


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