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I'm using a ListCollectionView in my ViewModel to represent my data. I'm using the SortDescriptions of the ListCollectionView for a database query. I want to notify the ViewModel to reload the data when the sorting has changed.

Currently I'm using the CollectionChanged event of the ListCollectionView.SortDescriptions:

(EnitityView.SortDescriptions as INotifyCollectionChanged).CollectionChanged +=
    (sender, args) =>
            Task.Run(() => ReloadSort());

But when I sort more than one column this will get called for every column, and it starts loading multiple times.

Is there a possibility to add something like a Sorted event to the ListCollectionView or the DataGrid (if possible with something like a attached behavior, I'm not a fan of control inheritance for such little things)? The Sorting-Event of the DataGrid won't work for my purpose, because the SortDescriptions aren't yet updated when this gets called.

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I think what you mean here is you need to sort your collection after adding the sort descriptors. If you are adding the descriptor from code then i think you can call the ReloadSort() after adding them all of them together.. You may need to call Refresh() for the ListCollectionView later.

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the sort descriptions are added from the gui when you click on the column headers of the DataGrid, therefore I can't influence the way they are added to the Collection –  Staeff Aug 29 '13 at 15:18

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