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In the admin panel of my app i am build a simple form, to send a newsletter. There are just two fields: SUBJECT - BODY.

I want that clicking on SEND, the mail will be sent to all the subscribed users of the newsletter (now there is just User::first() in order to test it)

But i get this error: View [body of the mail] not found.

I wanted to ask: it is possible to send a simple mail, with only text, or i must send a view as body of the mail?

If can be useful, this is my Mailer class:

<?php   namespace Mailers;

class InvalidContactInfoException extends \Exception {}  

 abstract class Mailer {

public  $to;
public  $email;
public  $subject;
public  $view;
public  $data;
public  $options;

public function __construct($user)
        throw new InvalidContactInfoException('Please pass a valid user object');

            $this->data = $user->toArray(); 
    $this->to = $user->username;
    $this->email = $user->email;

    public function deliver()
            $self = $this;
    return \Mail::send($this->body, $this->data, function($message) use($self)
        $message->to($self->email, $self->to)->subject($self->subject);


This is the Usermailer class:

<?php namespace Mailers;

class UserMailer extends Mailer {

public function newsletter($subject, $body)
    $this->subject = $subject;
    $this->body = $body;

    return $this;


And the controller method:

public function sendNewsletter()
    $input = Input::all();

    $rules = array('subject' => 'required', 'body' => 'required');

    $validation = Validator::make($input, $rules);

        $subject = $input['subject'];
        $body = $input ['body'];

        $user = User::first();
        $mailer = new Mailers\UserMailer($user);


        return Redirect::back()->with('message','Congratulations, the newsletter has been sent succesfully');


    return Redirect::back()->withInput()->withErrors($validation)->with('message','There were validation errors');

The process of sending the mail it works fine... because if in the body for example i write 'master' then in my email i receive an email with: as subject the subject inserted in the form and as body the master view.....

So the issue is just regarding the fact that i want to send plain text and not a view.

Someone can help me? Thank you!!

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1 Answer 1

Im not sure, but maybe you forgot to put the public property $body in your abstract Mailer class.

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