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I'm following this guide.

  • Python is at C:\Python31
  • PyQt4 is at C:\Python31\pyqt
  • sip is at C:\Python31\sip
  • Qt is at C:\Qt\4.6.0

I followed the instructions on that guide, but when I tried to test it (from PyQt4.Qt install *), it said the module didn't exist. I checked all the files that guide said should exist, and none of them existed.

What should I do?


sip installed fine. from sip import * didn't yield errors, print(SIP_VERSION_STR) output 4.10-snapshot-20091204.

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There is pre-built version already, why you still need to build yourself?


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Yeah, Googled "install pyqt" after I posted this and saw that. It installed in <45 seconds. Oh well. -.- –  Andrew Dec 5 '09 at 6:26

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