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Hi I just observe a very strange behaviour with my isAuthorized(). I have my parent function returning true but still access is denied to my action. what could I be missing... Thanks PARENT FUNCTION

public function isAuthorized($user) {
        $granted = $this->getGrant($user);
        return ($granted === '1') ? true : false;


public function isAuthorized($user){
        return parent::isAuthorized($user);

I debugged $granted and it returns '1' but still I'm denied access to my (priviledge)action. NOTE: This does not occur in all cases though... I have a /groups controller and /groups/priviledge controller and action. isAuthorized() works well with the former but not with the later. Thanks for your assistance.

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($granted === '1') evaluates to boolean, no need to have "?true:false" appended. Also why are you overriding the function in the child when it would be inherited (and callable) anyways? –  user2536474 Aug 30 '13 at 13:53

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return ($granted === 1) ? true : false;
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Possibly use return (intval($granted)===1); instead, to ensure type matching. –  Blazemonger Aug 29 '13 at 14:43
To no avail guys... Tried both. This is quite strange and frustrating to me. What possibly could be wrong??? –  Luvy_soLs Aug 29 '13 at 15:41
@Luvy_soLs Try a hardcoded return true; to test whether there is a type mismatch problem at all. –  ndm Aug 29 '13 at 15:56
Exactly man I tried a hard coded return true; It works. But when I try to return true with the above condition it won't just work!!!. Strange really because on debug() it returns true but it won't just work!!!. I am confused!!! –  Luvy_soLs Aug 29 '13 at 17:07

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