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I'm working on my first Umbraco 6 MVC website, its just took me about an hour to work out how to display a content managed image in a razor view. It cant be that hard, I must be missing something...

This is what I ended up with...

@inherits Umbraco.Web.Mvc.UmbracoTemplatePage
    Layout = null;
<!Doctype HTML>
        <img src="@Umbraco.TypedMedia(Int32.Parse(Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("siteLogo").ToString())).GetPropertyValue("umbracoFile")"/>

... which seems overly complicated to just display an image? Surely this cant be best practice using razor?

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Two things here:

  • You don't need to cast the property value to an Int32, as TypeMedia() accepts a string or object id parameter.

  • You can use the Url property of the IPublishedContent instead of GetPropertyValue("umbracoFile")

So it becomes:

<img src="@Umbraco.TypedMedia(Model.Content.GetPropertyValue("siteLogo")).Url"/>

Which is much nicer isn't it? There are obviously many ways to shortne this, extension methods but one that a friend showed me recently was uMapper which allows you to create strongly typed objects corresponding to your document types, working much like AutoMapper. For a little leg work up front, your code can become much more understandable and concise.

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That's much nicer thanks. –  Tom Riley Aug 30 '13 at 7:50
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