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I would like to create a data base using mongodb and I am wondering how to query nested entities. For instance, let's assume we create a db as follows:

from pymongo import MongoClient
db = client['test_database']
collection = db['test_collection']
 { "id":110, "data":{"Country":"ES","Count":64}},
 { "id":112, "data":{"Country":"ES","Count":5}},
 { "id":114, "data":{"Country":"UK","Count":3}}

how can we query the records with "Country" values "ES"? Or alternatively how can we query the records with "Count" less than 6?

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You can use the dot notation supported by mongo.

db.test_collection.find({"data.Country": "ES"})
db.test_collection.find({"data.Count": {"$lt": 6}})

Check this stackoverflow question for the non-Python version.

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