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I have a C++ program and it has sort of plugin structure: when program starts up, it's looking for dll in the plugin folder with certain exported function signatures, such as:

void InitPlugin(FuncTable* funcTable);

Then the program will call the function in the dll to initialize and pass function pointers to the dll. From that time on, the dll can talk to the program.

I know Cython let you call C function in Python, but I'm not sure can I write a Cython code and compile it to a dll so my C++ program can initialize with it. An example code would be great.

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I'd imagine it'd be difficult to call it directly, with Cython depending so much on the Python runtime.

Your best bet is to embed a Python interpreter directly inside your app, e.g. as described in this answer, and call your Cython code from the interpreter. That's what I would do.

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