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I'm developing my first web portal in ASP.NET where I would like to have authentication. I have heard that ASP.NET has quite a big and well-built authentication system, but I've never used it before. Could you suggest some tutorials or sample code that could help me get started from the basics of ASP.NET authentication?

Specifically for the portal I'm building, I'd like to let users have access to commenting functions and certain pages (this means I'll have to dynamically check if a user is logged in - how?), just as a small example. I know that authentication, and thus, security, are huge topics, but I'm just looking for a basic beginner solution, as to how to set up the needed login and register forms, as well as the back-end functions. Thanks in advance!

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First take a look at that tutorial (Authentication in ASP.NET: .NET Security Guidance) of Patterns & Best Practices Team's. It explains common authentication basics. Then continue that one (Explained: Forms Authentication in ASP.NET 2.0) which explains Forms Authentication in detail by Patterns & Best Practices Team.

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There's a nice tutorial covering the basics of forms authentication in ASP.NET.

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