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I am trying to add a tooltip on extjs overflow button, but I can't find a way to do that. It's not mentioned on docs either. Has anyone been able to do that? Either that or changing the text for the button

enter image description here

I found

overflowText: 'More >'

But this doesn't seem to work

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You can add a tooltip to the overflow button during the afterrender event of the toolbar. The target element would be this.layout.overflowHandler.menuTrigger.el in the afterrender event.

Working jsFiddle http://jsfiddle.net/gJjTY/ (the overflow icon is in the bottom right of the toolbar, the icon isn't rendering due to lack of css)

Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.Toolbar', {
    renderTo: document.body,
    width   : 300,
    margin  : '5 0 0 0',
    layout  : {overflowHandler: 'Menu' },
    items   : [
            text   : 'This is a Button',
            tooltip: 'This is a tip',
            text   : 'This is another button',
            text : "this is yet another button!"
    listeners: {
        afterrender: function(view){
            var me = this;
                Ext.create('Ext.tip.ToolTip', {
                    target       : me.layout.overflowHandler.menuTrigger.el,
                    anchor       : 'left',
                    dismissDelay : 0,
                    showDelay    : 0,
                    autoHide     : true,
                    html         : "This is a tooltip!"
            }, 100);

    Ext.QuickTips.interceptTitles = true;
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Thank you very much John Hall. This is exactly what I am trying to do. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :) –  EagleFox Aug 29 '13 at 20:29

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