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Is there a plugin or a macro, that creates a tar ball or a zip of all opened files / tabs in Sublime Text 2.

If not, how to make a plugin that does that?

I was checking the API of Sublime Text 2, only to know that there is no method that gets the full path of all open files.

However, I see that we have an option when we right click in any file - "Copy file path".

Which method it calls? Can I replicate the method to all tabs switching one by one? If yes, then how to cycle through open tabs one by one using the API?

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You can use window#views to get all the views (as a list). Then iterate on each view and use view#file_name to get the files. As for creating zips, take a look at the zipfile library.

For your particular case, I would create a window command. You can then bind that to a key combination or add it as a command palette entry. Finally, to set the visible view, you can use window#focus_view. You may also need window#focus_group if you have multiple groups.

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