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I am trying to load the winsock dll on Windows Phone 8.0 native C++ library.

 HMODULE ws2mod = GetModuleHandle("ws2_32.dll");
    win_getaddrinfo = GetProcAddress(ws2mod, "getaddrinfo");
    if (win_getaddrinfo)
        return win_getaddrinfo(node, service, hints, res); 

I am getting a linker error:

Error   178 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol GetModuleHandle referenced in

When I double click and do Goto Definition on Visual Studio, I see the definition in libloaderapi.h file within Windows Phone Kits.

What is the library that I should link with? Here are the current libraries:

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GetModuleHandle is not on the list of approved APIs for WP8.

However getaddrinfo is. I think you can just link to ws2_32.lib and call getaddrinfo directly, rather than via GetProcAddress.

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