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I am new to Angular. I am sure I am missing some basic stuffs here. I have one object which i post to server to create it. Server return object Id; which I need to read and update my object I have in client. Server will only return the object Id however in the client side I have other data however I am not able to use it when i do callback then i don't have access of original data. Following jsfiddle code for reference.

JSFiddle Link:

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I think you want something like this:

//Controller for testing
app.controller('ApplicationController', function ($scope, Project) {

        //Project object
        var projectData = {"name":"New Project Test","thumbnail":"","statusid":"521d5b730f3c31e0c3b1e764","projecttypeid":"521f585c092a5b550202e536","teamid":"521f585a092a5b550202e521","authors":[{"firstname":"Dilip","lastname":"Kumar"}],"projectspecificmetadata":{"isbn13":"345345","guid":"asfas"},"modifiedby":"521f585a092a5b550202e525"};
        var project = new Project(projectData);

        //Create new project
        project.$save(project, function (projectResponse) {
                                projectData.projectId =;
                                console.log("ProjectData: %j", projectData);

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yes..but how i can read original object part of callback? – joy Aug 29 '13 at 18:41
Not sure I completely understand. The callback is the second argument to the save function. Inside that callback you have access to the response of the server via 'projectResponse'. – BoxerBucks Aug 29 '13 at 18:46
i want to get response from server and update my object which i sent to server to store into database....hope it explained. – joy Aug 29 '13 at 18:50
So inside of the callback where you have project._id = blah.. update the client side object here. This is where you have access to the data the server has returned. – BoxerBucks Aug 29 '13 at 18:52
Server is returning projectId. One option is i can again call to server to get the data for given projectId. However in this case I am not utilizing the data that i already have which i sent to server (only difference in the data that I posted on sever is not having projectId) – joy Aug 29 '13 at 18:52
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Following is similar approach for $update.

 //keep original data to pass into callback
  var originalProjectObject = angular.copy(project);
//Call server to update the project data
                        project.$update({ projectid: project._id }, function (projectResponse) {

                        originalProjectObject._id = projectResponse._id;
                        //update scope
                        scope.project = originalProjectObject;                        
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