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I have a script that runs git commands over a number of repositories in parallel which gnu parallel. I would like to pass the output of the git command through grep and color certain parts, for example on git status I want the word "clean" to appear green. Is there any way to do this with gnu parallel and grep?

This is my script so far:


export GIT_ARGS=$*
function do_git() {
    PROJECT_DIR=`dirname $1`
        cd $PROJECT_DIR
    echo ""
        git $GIT_ARGS
        echo ""
        cd $START_DIR

export -f do_git

find . -maxdepth 2 -type d -name ".git" | sort | parallel --max-procs 4 "do_git {}"
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Try adding this to the end of your pipeline:

| grep -E --color 'clean|word1|word2|$'

Substitute and add or remove words as needed. The $ causes all lines to match and pass through. The --color option is for GNU grep. Other versions of grep may use a different option.

Alternatively, there are several utilities that can do colorization.

General tips:

  • Avoid using all-caps variable names to prevent name collision with shell variables
  • Use $() instead of backticks - they're more readable and more versatile (e.g. nesting)
  • Using the function keyword is unnecessary
  • See BashFAQ/028 regarding trying to use the location of your script
  • I don't think GIT_ARGS need to be exported
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Excellent, I tried the exact same strategy but within my do_git function on the output of the git command. Chaining a few more piplines after the call to parallel works perfectly. Had to add --color=always to grep to preserve colors when piping grep output back into grep. – Greg Aug 30 '13 at 12:04

To force grep to show colours when using parallel, try grep --color=always

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I'll see if I could give a good suggestion about showing the color.

Meanwhile I think you could improve your script like this:


function do_git {
    cd "$PROJECT_DIR"
    git "${@:2}"

export -f do_git

find . -maxdepth 2 -type d -name '.git' | sort | parallel --max-procs 4 do_git '{}' "$@"

You don't have to change back with cd "$START_DIR" since it's run in a subshell (in parallel perhaps) and won't affect the calling shell.

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