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My use case is to read RSS feed items asynchronously and load them into a meteor collection.

I have the feedparser npm module that does the parsing. It emits three events .on('error'), .on('meta') and .on('readable) with three different outputs.

When I run it in fixtures.js, with just console.log statements to run the output, its working fine. When I use the same code to insert into a collection, I get errors related to asynchronocity of the function (assuming something to do with fibers)

So, I want to make it into a meteor method using futures as below -

I tried but could not wrap my head around handling multiple events in Futures.

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If you just want to push something to db at one point, it's enough to synchronize this call. Other than that, you can do whatever you want asynchronously. For example:

var Fiber = Npm.require('fibers');
var item = {};

var onInit = function() {
    // do whatever with item

var onData = function() {
    // do whatever with item

var onFinish = function() {
    new Fiber(function(){
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Although Meteor is a great tool, I think node and its async insight is brilliant, and the best tool for what you are doing. Keep as a plan b having this part of your project be a straight node app.

Otherwise, async from meteor and

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