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I have a friendship model that contains a status.

class Friendship < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :friend_id, :user_id, :source_id

  after_create :check_friend_status

  # Relationships
  belongs_to :user, :touch => true
  belongs_to :friend, :class_name => "User", :touch => true
  belongs_to :source

  has_one :status, :class_name => "FriendStatusDescriptor", :foreign_key => 'friendship_id'

  validates_uniqueness_of :user_id, :scope => [:friend_id, :source_id]

  def check_friend_status
    # Check user/friend for existing friend status
    if FriendStatusDescriptor.find(:first, :conditions => ["friendship_id = ?", self.id]).nil?
        status = FriendStatusDescriptor.new
        status.friendship_id = self.id

class FriendStatusDescriptor < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :alert, :friendship_id, :hide

  belongs_to :friendship

  validates_uniqueness_of :friendship_id


The status model has a boolean variable called hide. I want to be able to filter my user's friendships by the ones with hide set to false. Something along these lines.

      #  In User Model
  # Friendships
  has_many :friendships do
    def visible
         #  Where !friendship.status.hide

So that in my controller I can just do this


I'm not sure how to access the individual friendship in this method though.

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Try this: user.friendships.joins(:status).where(status: { hide: false }) – MrYoshiji Aug 29 '13 at 20:14

I think you want:

class User
  has_many :friendships,
    :class_name => "FriendStatusDescriptor",
    :foreign_key => 'friendship_id'

If you want to filter visible and non-visible friendships by separete you can add scopes to Friendship model:

class Friendship
  scope :visible, -> { joins(:status).where("friend_status_descriptors.hide = ?", false) }

Then apply that scope:

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That doesn't seem to work. It would be where :status.hide => false But I get this error NoMethodError (undefined method `hide' for :status:Symbol): – smokingoyster Aug 29 '13 at 19:52
That's because you are trying to call a method status on a symbol, which is mostly just a string. I'm assuming 'hide' is a boolean field on your friendships table, isn't it? – nicooga Aug 29 '13 at 20:00
hide is a boolean field in the FriendStatusDescriptor. I've edited the question with full classes. – smokingoyster Aug 29 '13 at 20:10
:class_name is the class, i.e. the table, form where you want to take the records. So if you want Friendships, start by specifying class_name: Friendships there – nicooga Aug 29 '13 at 20:23
however if I use sql scope :visible, -> { joins(:status).where("friend_status_descriptors.hide = ?", false) } seems to be good to go. – smokingoyster Aug 29 '13 at 20:47

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