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I have a table in my html that I would like to center on my page. I have the following code. I is perfectly find in ie but not in chrome. Am I doing something wrong?

<table align="center">
      <div class="zoom_controls"> </div>
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Where's your CSS? Be sure your container (for example, the body element) has text-align: center, and then ensure the table has margin: 0 auto;, and it will center in the space. – cale_b Aug 29 '13 at 20:41

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The align="center" syntax was deprecated a long time ago. Add margin:0 auto to your table:

table {
    margin:0 auto;

jsFiddle example (border added for visibility)

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Give the table a fixed width, if possible.
Give the table a top- and bottom-margin of 0 (or other if you want to) and a left- and right-margin of auto.

This works with every kind of element with a known width.
You can also use a variable width (em / %).

EDIT: seems like other were typing the same solution as me.

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